Your space should reflect your signature style, not mine.

You don’t have to be a design professional to instinctively know when an interior space makes you feel good. That’s why my team and I approach every design project with a blank slate and without preconceived notions. Our belief is that, whether you can already see it in your mind’s eye or not, the vision for your ideal space has to come from you, inspired by what you love, how you live your life, and what brings you joy.

We do our due diligence to unlock your vision.

Maybe you have a picture or a single piece you love as a starting point. Or maybe you’re looking for complete inspiration. Either way, we’re experts at honing in on a style and design that best reflects you and the way you live. Through the process of getting to know you, your passions, and your preferences, my team and I aim to establish a rapport that lets us see your home through your eye. From there, we draw on our team’s decades of experience in the art of design to create timeless interiors where every detail is masterfully and purposefully selected just for you and your home. We guide you on how to tastefully incorporate trends; experiment with color, layers, and textures; and highlight eclectic and interesting features that personalize your space. And we weave it all together for a cohesive look that enhances the way you interact with your environment and live your life every day.

We pay careful attention to the details you see, and the details you don’t.

Outstanding design is all in the details. But an exceptional experience is about more than choosing the perfect trim on a window treatment or the right accent piece. My team and I rely on our business knowledge and superior customer service, working behind the scenes to coordinate vendors and contractors to make the entire process as seamless as possible for you. When you partner with Interiorworks, our goal is to help you enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the results.

We are proud to support the Decorators’ Show House and
Columbus Museum of Art

For almost every year since its inception, it has been my honor and privilege to participate in the Decorators’ Show House. A long-running fundraiser benefitting the Columbus Museum of Art, this unique event gives local designers the opportunity to exercise complete artistic freedom and design a space exactly as we like. The catch? Rooms in the show house are chosen by lottery. You may get a living room or master bath—or you might end up with a laundry room or even a closet in the basement. (That’s what I got one year, and I turned it into a charming wine cellar!) Because designers work on our own dime, it’s an excellent exercise not only in creativity, but also in stretching the budget. 

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